Thu, 1 June
1:00 PM EST (New York)

Sinus lift demystified: Basic scientific knowledge, surgical planning and execution

Speaker(s): Dr. Angelo Troedhan MD, DMD, PhD

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Sinus lift demystified: Basic scientific knowledge, surgical planning and execution

Dr. Angelo Troedhan MD, DMD, PhD

As various large-scale studies regarding subantral crest heights in the common population prove, almost two thirds of patients in need of dental implants in maxillary premolar and molar sites cannot be treated with short implants.

As a result, in most of these cases a sinus lift surgery has to be performed. Since the establishment, acceptance and proof of high success rates of sinus lift surgeries, a number of ‘scientific’ myths have been introduced regarding the choice of bone graft for insertion into the subantral space created by the surgeon. This has occurred despite physiology, histology, general medicine and bone traumatology proving an intact periosteum to be the only mammal tissue able to initiate bone healing, bone regeneration and bone remodeling.

Since the sinus membrane is periosteum and represents the only carrier of bone regeneration in sinus lift surgeries, the preservation of the physiologic function of the sinus membrane in the detachment process is essential and the only guarantee for long-term successful sinus lift surgeries.

This dental webinar will provide:

  • Basic medical knowledge of bone healing and bone regeneration with a focus on key factors for successful sinus lift surgeries
  • Proper diagnosis and surgical planning based on CBCT imaging
  • Evidence-based choice of bone-graft materials
  • Evidence-based choice of proper sinus lift instruments to safely avoid the intrasurgical complication of rupture of the sinus membrane

AGD PACE subject code(s): 315

Release date: 01/06/2017
Expiration date: 01/06/2020

“Sinus lift demystified: Basic scientific knowledge, surgical planning and execution” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA┬áCERP and AGD PACE provider.


Dr. Angelo Troedhan MD, DMD, PhD

Dr. med. univ. et med. dent. Angelo Troedhan
Professor Faculty of Dentistry, Health Science University Vientiane

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