Thu, 26 May
12:00 AM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: Saving the bone – the new standard for atraumatic extractions

Speaker(s): Dr. Jure Poglajen

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Saving the bone – the new standard for atraumatic extractions

Dr. Jure Poglajen

Dental webinar illustrating the latest methodology for minimally invasive tooth extractions. Preserving the alveoar bone is crucial for the osseointegration and long term prognosis of the implant and to retain a removable denture.

The extraction of a tooth is probably the most traumatic event a patient can experience in dental surgery.

The most frequent reason for tooth extraction is acute toothache. In many cases however teeth and roots without acute symptoms may be extracted to prevent complications such as the spread of infection. In rare cases the extraction of healthy teeth is recommended as in carefully selected orthodontic cases. A certain degree of damage to the alveolar bone, gingival and mucous tissue is unfortunately always part of an extraction. Fracturing of the maxillary tuburositas is a relatively frequent complication of upper wisdom tooth removals. This can result in severe pain, prolonged healing phase and long term problems for the patient which should be avoided at all costs. Other less common but most feared complications of mandibular third molar extractions are lesions of the inferior alveolar nerve and the lingual nerve. Iatrogenic injury of the IAN or the LN often lead to legal actions for damage and compensation for sensory disturbances involving the chin, the lower lip, gums and tongue.

It is in both the dentist’s and patient’s best interest to minimize risks and keep as much undamaged tissues as possible. Following modern requirements, a proper extraction should have a minimal biological cost, which means little to no damage to the surrounding tissue and adjacent teeth.

Preservation of the bone is of paramount importance regardless what follows the extraction. A preserved alveolar ridge is crucial to retain and stabilize a total or partial removable denture as well as to achieve a favorable osseointegration of the implants. The amount of alveolar bone left intact will also play a significant role in the long term prognosis of the implant.

The correct use of minimally invasive surgical extraction instruments is fundamental as the improper handling of these instruments will focus forces in the wrong areas, resulting in unnecessary tissue damage.

This webinar illustrates the latest methodology to keep a biological cost as low as possible, limit surgical complications of tooth extraction and reduce post-operatory discomfort.

Release date: 26/05/2016
Expiration date: 26/05/2019

“Saving the bone – the new standard for atraumatic extractions” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Dr. Jure Poglajen

Dr. Jure Poglajen graduated at the Ljubljana Medical Faculty in 2004. As a senior student he attended student exchange programs in Sweden, Ireland and Macedonia. Dr. Jure uses ear acupuncture as a complimentary method in dental medicine. His favourite fields in dentistry are laser dentistry, endodontics and oral surgery. In 2013 on Biolase symposium in Barcelona Dr. Jure was awarded with the Biolase Ambassador Award. Since 2004 he works in a family dental clinic in the town of Brezice, Slovenia.

Dr. Jure works as an opinion leader for many international dental companies based mostly in the USA, Scandinavia and Australia. As a modern dentist he likes to share his knowledge and skills – thus he organises lectures, workshops, hands-on courses in endodontics, glass fibre composites, hard and soft tissue lasers and other innovative instruments. Several times he has been invited as a speaker at domestic and foreign events. In August and November 2015 he helped the refugees as a volunteer on the Greek island of Lesvos being the only available dentist to perform mostly extractions literally on the field. He and his partner organised a collection of 10 tons of humanitarian help to be transported from Slovenia to Lesvos and Serbia. As I result for his involvement both in Greece and Slovenia, Dr. Jure is holding the current tittle of “Personality of the year 2015” given by the readers and journalists of Slovenian biggest newspaper Delo.

Dr. Jure is a skilled and experienced GP who will share his experience and thoughts about the usage, indications and tricks of Swedish surgical instruments.

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