Mon, 11 October
7:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: Preparations and Techniques for Modern Direct Adhesive Restorations

Speaker(s): Dr. Jihyon Kim DDS

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Preparations and Techniques for Modern Direct Adhesive Restorations

Dr. Jihyon Kim DDS

A more comprehensive understanding of preparation design and adhesive techniques can elevate direct composite restorations to be a more satisfying and successful aspect of your clinical practice.

Direct composite restorations are commonly viewed as “Bread and Butter” dentistry. As a first intervention procedure, they can set the stage for the long-term health, function, and survival of the tooth. Though more technique sensitive, trust in dental adhesion over traditional mechanical retention allows for maximum conservation of tooth structure. Understanding preparation design and adhesive techniques can elevate this “basic” procedure to a long lasting and satisfying foundational practice.

Learning Objectives include:

  • Demystify bond strength to different tooth substrates.
  • Understand cavity design and its impact on structural integrity.
  • Explore selective caries removal versus complete removal to preserve pulp health.

Release date: 11/10/2021
Expiration date: 11/10/2024


Dr. Jihyon Kim DDS

Known affectionately as the “Discing Queen” for her exquisite hand-skills, Dr. Jihyon Kim prides herself in the development of her unique discing protocol for shaping aesthetic injection overmolded tooth forms using contouring and polishing discs, which she employs artfully in the treatment of her patients and teaches meticulously during hands-on advanced adhesion and direct composite courses at the Institute of Injection Overmolding in Seattle, WA. She also lectures throughout the country on anterior micro-esthetics and biomimetic restorative dentistry.

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