Fri, 29 May
4:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: COMPONEER and the new composite BRILLIANT EverGlow: the dreamteam in front teeth restorations!

Speaker(s): Dr. Mario J. Besek

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COMPONEER and the new composite BRILLIANT EverGlow: the dreamteam in front teeth restorations!

Dr. Mario J. Besek

Will the latest generation of composite from COLTENE facilitate chairside veneering with composite enamel shells even further?

COMPONEER is a polymerized, prefabricated composite enamel shell in different sizes that combines the advantages of direct composite restoration with the advantages of laboratory fabricated veneers. It offers a facial, anatomical shape and makes direct veneering of one or more anterior teeth easy. Time-consuming shaping of the anatomical form and surface and elaborate trimming are no longer required. Specially designed new instruments and accessories make it easy to use. With COMPONEER, quality aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth can be performed efficiently in just a single session.

BRILLIANT EverGlow is the newest generation of composite material for anterior and posterior teeth that fixes all the shortcomings of common composite material and leads, especially in combination with COMPONEER, to a high esthetic longterm result. From diagnostic to polishing: different cases with a scientific based background and the ideal use of COMPONEER together with BRILLIANT EverGlow will be shown in this webinar.

Advantages of COMPONEER and BRILLIANT EverGlow

  • COMPONEER is economical for dentist and patient with high success rate and efficiency
  • Quality dental restoration for high surface and edge quality with excellent aesthetic results
  • Minimally invasive removal of healthy tooth substance
  • No impressions or laboratory necessary – attractive teeth after only one session
  • Best options for customization (shade selection, accentuation of shape and structure)
  • The new BRILLIANT EverGlow is a submicron composite with highest gloss retention
  • It is non sticky and has a very high wettability on tooth- and composite surface
  • It`s contents may reduce plaque accumulation

Course content in keywords:

  • Diagnostics: malpositioned teeth, incorrect shading, destroyed teeth and much more
  • How can I do what I want with COMPONEER?
  • Characterization of surface and shape
  • Trimming and polishing workshop
  • Complete anterior tooth restoration
  • Scientific basic knowledge for predictable results
  • Complete anterior tooth restoration, esthetic from premolar to premolar
  • Using the new COMPONEER instruments, polishing and maintenance care
  • PLUS BRILLIANT EverGlow as THE perfect partner for COMPONEER

Learning Objectives:

This course teaches the basics of adhesive and application techniques in the anterior tooth region by using the COMPONEER veneering technique in combination with BRILLIANT EverGlow. It shows the easy clinical handling of the right materials in combination with the right protocol as well as tips and tricks and how this can lead into a predictable, durable result.

Release date: 29/05/2015
Expiration date: 29/05/2018

“COMPONEER and the new composite BRILLIANT EverGlow: the dreamteam in front teeth restorations!” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Dr. Mario J. Besek

Dr. Mario Besek has long-lasting university and practical experience in the range of periodontology, cariology and adhesive restorative dentistry.  Having served as lecturer at the medical faculty of the University in Zurich for many years, his main focus is the development of new materials and operative procedures in restorative dentistry, especially in direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth. Dr. Besek’s latest project in close cooperation with the Swiss Dental Manufacturer Coltène/Whaledent was the development of a Direct Composite Veneering System. In addition to his worldwide function as an academic lecturer, he runs a private practice (Swiss Dental Center) in Zurich since 2003.

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