Sat, 14 October
6:00 AM EST (New York)

Cells, bone and regeneration

Speaker(s): Prof. Adriano Piattelli MD, DDS, DrHC, DrHC

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Cells, bone and regeneration

Prof. Adriano Piattelli MD, DDS, DrHC, DrHC

The present “dental webinar” entitled CELLS, BONE AND REGENERATION aims to provide a deep and complete overview about the bone biology and the traditional and novel techniques to study the bone tissue.

Moreover, bone regeneration techniques with the use of different biomaterials as well as different resorption rates of bone substitute materials will be largely discussed, supporting the topics with clinical and histological results.

Release date: 14/10/2017
Expiration date: 14/10/2020

“Cells, bone and regeneration” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA┬áCERP and AGD PACE provider.


Prof. Adriano Piattelli MD, DDS, DrHC, DrHC

ADRIANO PIATTELLI, MD, DDS, DrHC, DrHC is a Full Professor of Oral Pathology, University of Chieti, Italy. He’s coauthored more than 773 papers in international peer-reviewed Journals concerning Implantology and Biomaterials.

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