Thu, 21 October
1:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: MasterMTA: how to manage wide apexes

Speaker(s): Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio , Dr. Riccardo Tonini

Live Webinar: MasterMTA: how to manage wide apexes

Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio , Dr. Riccardo Tonini

Speakers will share their full experience about wide apexes and will show some tip&tricks to success on long term.

It’s not important how good and perfect you are while doing an Endotontic treatment… sooner or later, you’ll have to face a complex clinical situation like wide apexes. Their management can represent a real tricky situation and many clinicians are often forced in continuous intra-operatory medicaments or into referring the patients to other clinicians. But, can we manage open wide apexes in a right and predictable way? First of all the clinician has to choose the perfect material for ideally fixing in a single visit an open apex.MTA has been identified as the gold standard bioactive material used for sealing and filling permanently all the mentioned Endodontic complications. MTA, considering its wet sand consistency, is difficult to handle and position and due to this reason Map System has been proven being the best device for simplifying all the procedures that requires the application of MTA. Speakers will explain how to manage step by step wide apexes, starting from a proper diagnosis and continuing with explanation of the ideal technique.

Release date: 21/10/2021
Expiration date: 21/10/2024


Dr. Massimo Giovarruscio

Dr. Riccardo Tonini

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