Wed, 27 November
4:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: GNYDM Symposium 2012 – Perfect your Online Presence

Speaker(s): David Evans PhD

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GNYDM Symposium 2012 – Perfect your Online Presence

David Evans PhD

How to Increase Your Visibility and Generate Patients

This course will focus on the various factors that influence Internet Presence and describe how dental practices can attain “High Internet Presence.”

The four factors of Internet Presence:

  • Information about the dentist and dental practice need to be easy to find online by consumers.
  • Once a consumer finds information about a dental practice, the image for the practice has to be good.
  • To maintain High Internet Presence, performance, or ROI, the program has to be constantly tracked, evaluated and improved.
  • Conversion of Internet leads into patients has to be a constant focus in order to maintain a good ROI.
Easy to Find
To first key to High Internet Presence is that information about the dentist and dental practices need to be easy to find online. This course will describe the various methods needed to build online visibility, including Pay Per Click Advertising, Organic Search and Google Places.
Pay Per Click Advertising
The course will describe how Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements are displayed on the search engine results page and how the advertisements can be purchased by an individual practice.
Organic Search Results
This course will describe how the Organic Search Results are displayed on Google and the other search engines, and how a dentist’s website can be modified to improve its rankings using a process called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The course will also provide information on how many consumers “click” on the PPC advertisements versus the organic rankings. SEO is made up of two components, onsite changes and offsite linking. The course will describe the components of onsite changes, which are the meta data, content and cross-linking. Examples of dental websites will be shown.  The course will describe the types of offsite linking that contributes to improved rankings.
Google Places
This course will describe how Google Places pages are shown on Google and the other search engines, and how to properly set up a Google Places page. The course will also describe the do’s and don’t’s of managing the Places pages.
Positive Information When a Consumer Finds the Dentist Information Online
Once a consumer finds the dentist information online, it is important that the information is positive. This course will describe consumer-related research suggesting what should be the proper components of an effective practice website. The course will also describe how best to manage online reviews and how the three-step procedure creates the best possible online image. The course will also provide information about online directories and how to choose the best directories to present the practice website.
Evaluate and Improve the Program ROI
The Internet is constantly changing and it is important to constantly monitor, evaluate and improve the program. This course will describe the best ways to monitor program success, including email leads, phone tracking, proxy websites and website statistics.
Focus on Conversion
The key to success of any marketing program, including Internet marketing, is how the leads are managed once they are generated by the program. This course will provide information on how to effectively handle phone and email leads, and provide typical examples of poorly handled leads by elective health care practices across a variety of disciplines.
Learning objectives:
  • Learn the basic elements of SEO and be able to evaluate these elements on the practice website
  • Learn the basic components of an effective practice website
  • Learn the three-step process for creating a positive online reputation
  • Understand how to evaluate Internet Marketing ROI

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David Evans PhD

Dr. Evans has been involved in Internet practice marketing since 1995. He has expertise in how consumers search for health care information online, the optimum design and construction of practice websites, website search engine optimization (SEO) and the strategic development for Internet marketing. He is often asked to lecture about Internet marketing, both domestically and internationally, particularly on new developments and trends in this rapidly changing environment.

Dr. Evans is CEO of Ceatus Media Group, which owns and manages the most successful and highly visible online directories for Dentists and LASIK, Plastic and Bariatric surgeons. He has been instrumental in developing Internet strategies for numerous dental practices worldwide. He and his team also oversee the SEO for more than 100 dentist and surgeon websites. Dr Evans received a BS from the United States Air Force Academy, a MS and MBA from Wright State University and Ph.D. from Indiana University.

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