Sat, 20 January
5:00 AM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: Dental cementation: state of the art and clinical update

Speaker(s): Prof. Roberto Sorrentino

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Dental cementation: state of the art and clinical update

Prof. Roberto Sorrentino

Which luting option for which prosthetic material

The cementation of a prosthetic restoration represents the final step of prosthodontic clinical procedures and the beginning of the clinical service of the restoration. Thus, besides providing retention and seal, cementation has to guarantee stability and longevity of prostheses over time.
Nowadays, several cementation systems, conventional and adhesive, are available for clinicians, with specific characteristics and indications. The selection of the the most appropriate luting agent is not always a simple and univocal choice and, very often, dentists are biased by marketing incentives and clinical trends. On the contrary, the selection of cement type and luting technique should be performed considering the needs of each clinical situation, carefully evaluating the type of restorative material and the physical and biological characteristics of the cementation substrate.
The webinar is aimed at providing clinical tips validated by the most recent scientific literature to select properly both the luting agent and cementation techniques either on natural teeth and implants.


Proper selection of luting agents and cementation techniques either on natural teeth and implants.

Release date: 20/01/2018
Expiration date: 20/01/2021

“Dental cementation: state of the art and clinical update” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Prof. Roberto Sorrentino

Graduated with full marks and honors in Dentistry in 2002 at the University Federico II of Naples. Post-graduate course in “Traditional and implant-supported prosthodontics and restorative biomechanics” (2003); Master of Science and PhD in Dental materials and their clinical applications” at the University of Siena (2004-2006); post-graduate course in “Smile esthetics” (2012).

Research Professor of Prosthodontics and Digital Dentistry at the University Federico II of Naples.

Qualified as Full and Associate Professor in 2017. Aggregate Professor of Prosthodontics and Digital Dentistry at the University Federico II of Naples and at the University of Siena.

Lecturer at several national and international Post-graduate and Master Courses in different Universities.

Researcher, expert and consultant for national and international dental companies.

Coworker in several PRIN projects and Principal Investigator of a FIRB research project about “Biomechanics and biomimetics in implant-supported prosthodontics” shared between the Second University of Naples and the University “Vita Salute San Raffaele” of Milan.

Author of more than 130 publications in national and international peer-reviewed scientific journals and co-author of chapters of books on Prosthodontics. Reviewer of more than 30 international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Speaker at national and international meetings.

Past President of the Membership and Recruitment Committee of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Member of the Academy of Dental Materials (ADM) and of the Italian Society of Dentistry and Maxillo-Facial Surgery (SIOCMF). Past Secretary of the Italian Society of Prosthetic Dentistry and Implant Prosthodontics (SIOPI).

Winner of many national and international prizes for research and clinical activity in prosthodontics, esthetic dentistry, biomechanics and dental materials.

Co-founder of the dental blog and community Zerodonto (www.zerodonto.com).

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