Sat, 9 June
1:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: A universal, safe and efficient combination for success in root canal treatment

Speaker(s): Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias

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A universal, safe and efficient combination for success in root canal treatment

Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias

Endodontic treatment is a predictable procedure with high success rates.

Success depends on a number of factors, including appropriate instrumentation, successful irrigation and decontamination of the root canal space to the apices and in areas such as isthmuses. According to Schilder (1974), mechanical objectives start with the respect to the anatomy of the root canal. The challenge for successful endodontic treatment has always been to deal, in a safe and effective way, the complex root canal system, preserving how much dental structure as possible. To provide an efficient and safe root canal instrumentation it’s important to find one system, who adapts to the root canal anatomy in combination with safe and effective cinematic.

We can find this combining D-finder hand files to achieve patency, Super Files in mechanical glide path and with Silk files used with Morita ZX2 (OGP motion). This combination allows the clinician to increase the safety and predictability of the root canal shaping.

Release date: 09/06/2018
Expiration date: 09/06/2021

“A universal, safe and efficient combination for success in root canal treatment” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias

Dr. Hugo Sousa Dias graduated with a DDS from University Fernando Pessoa, Porto, and completed the postgraduate program in endodontics at the University of Lisbon. Besides running a practice limited to endodontics in Porto, he is Director of the Master in Endodontics clinical residency program at Foramen Dental Education. Dr. Dias is the founder of the Portuguese Group for Endodontic Study (study club). He is a member of the European Society of Endodontology and the Sociedade Portuguesa de Endodontologia [Portuguese endodontic society]. He has given more than 20 lectures around the world and is co-author of a chapter in the book The Root Canal Anatomy in Permanent Dentition (Springer, 2018).

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