Mon, 14 October
1:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: 1 abutment – 1 time story. Truth or myth?

Speaker(s): Prof. Tomas Linkevičius

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Live Webinar: 1 abutment – 1 time story. Truth or myth?

Prof. Tomas Linkevičius

The idea of “1 abutment – 1 time” has been circulating in the dental world for decades.

It has been suggested that moving of restorative procedures to abutment level allows no additional abutment disconnection, which, in turn, does not disturb peri-implant seal and produces better bone levels. Logic dictates, that positive outcome should be obvious already at the early stage of the treatment, as multiple disconnections of healing abutment are inevitable.

However, there are no clinical studies, which directly compare this approach with implant level restorations, as a control group, therefore, there is no strong evidence of the benefit of abutment level approach.

Release date: 14/10/2019
Expiration date: 14/10/2022

“1 abutment – 1 time story. Truth or myth?” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Prof. Tomas Linkevičius

Tomas Linkevičius serves as Professor in Institute of Odontology, Vilnius University in Lithuania. Also, he works as Visiting Professor at Ghent University, Belgium. He received a dental degree in Kaunas Medical University in 2000. In 2004 he completed the post-graduate studies in prosthodontics in Vilnius University. In 2009 he finished his Ph.D. doctoral dissertation and defended it in Riga Stradins University in Latvia. Tomas Linkevicius is an author of many publications in international peer-reviewed journals and focuses his research on soft tissues and cementation of implant restorations. Professor Linkevicius has developed “Zero bone loss concepts”, a scientifically backed clinical protocol, which shows how to archive and maintain crestal bone stability around implants. He also lectures internationally and is an active member of the European Academy of Osseointegration (EAO) and Academy of Osseointegration (AO). Tomas Linkevicius holds a specialist prosthodontics and implant dentistry practice and a private dental research facility.

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