Roots C.E. Magazine – 1/2013 – Endodontic retreatment and adhesive restoration of structurally compromised second premolar

Ivan Filipov DDS, PhD , Lyubomir Vangelov DMD , Stela Nicheva DMD

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In light of the scientific literature concerning the outcome of the endodontic treatment, it doesn’t sound inappropriate that the restoration of the endo-coronal complex has to be completed by the endodontist.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the clinician will be able to:
  1. Understand the importance of preserving as much sound tooth structure as possible by the restoration of endodontically treated teeth.
  2. Recognize the advantages of indirect composite restorations.
  3. Get familiar with the clinical protocol for indirect adhesive restoration of endodontically treated posterior teeth.
  4. Point out the most important factors in terms of prognosis of treatment of perforations.
  5. Know the indications and contraindications of using Ni-Ti files with landed and non-landed cross-sectional design.
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Release date: 19 February 2013
Expiration date: 19 February 2016


Lyubomir Vangelov DMD

Stela Nicheva DMD

Dr. Stela Nicheva a obtenu son diplôme en dentisterie à la faculté de médecine de Plovdiv, Bulgarie, en 2010. Actuellement, elle occupe un poste de doctorante au service d’endodontie et de chirurgie dentaire de la faculté de médecine dentaire de Plovdiv, Bulgarie.

Ivan Filipov DDS, PhD

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