Sun, 25 November
4:00 PM EST (New York)

Live Webinar: The 5th Annual DTStudyClub Symposia at the GNYDM 2012

Speaker(s): Fay Goldstep DMD , Selma Camargo PhD , webinar-speaker 2550 , Ron Kaminer DDS , Ron Jackson DDS , Robert Horowitz DDS , Michael Rethman DDS , Mark D. McOmie DMD , Mark Duncan DDS , Louis Malcmacher DDS , Howard S. Glazer DDS , George Freedman DDS , Gary Henkel DDS , Franklin Shull DMD , David L. Hoexter DMD , David Peck D.M.D. , David Evans PhD , Chris Glass DMD

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The 5th Annual DTStudyClub Symposia at the GNYDM 2012

Fay Goldstep DMD , Selma Camargo PhD , webinar-speaker 2550 , Ron Kaminer DDS , Ron Jackson DDS , Robert Horowitz DDS , Michael Rethman DDS , Mark D. McOmie DMD , Mark Duncan DDS , Louis Malcmacher DDS , Howard S. Glazer DDS , George Freedman DDS , Gary Henkel DDS , Franklin Shull DMD , David L. Hoexter DMD , David Peck D.M.D. , David Evans PhD , Chris Glass DMD

For the fifth year in a row, the Dental Tribune Study Club Symposium at GNYDM offers an ambitious schedule of continuing education lectures in various dental disciplines.

All lectures led by experts in the field provide an invaluable opportunity to learn from opinion leaders, while earning ADA CERP C.E. Credits.

We have developed a program that is both diverse and engaging, with every lecture offering you the practical guidance you seek to take back to the practice and put to immediate use.

Sunday, 11.25 Speaker Course
10:00-11:00 (EST) Dr. Howard Glazer Baby Boomers Can Be Beautifil!
There is no doubt that the use of flowable resins has had an impact on adhesive resin restorative dentistry. Now more than ever before we can rely on flowable resins to be safely and effectively used in a variety of restorative procedures due their availability in a wide range of shades, ability to resist wear, and maintain a high glossy finish. Beautifil Flow Plus is just such a material that can be used in so many instances.And, to compliment Beautifil Flow Plus, there is the conventional composite Beautifil II which is extremely durable, long lasting and ideal in larger restorative instances. Dr. Glazer will discuss the various uses of both these GIOMER based materials relative to their properties and clinical usage.Session objectives:

  • To be able to understand the various uses for composite resin materials in restorative situations
  • To be able to understand the value of GIOMER chemistry
  • To be able to understand the concept of micro-invasive cosmetic dentistry
11:15-12:15 (EST) Dr. Mark Duncan Dentistry’s Dirty Little Secrets… What Is It That We Don’t Know.
In this presentation we will uncover some of the hidden connections between a healthy and pain free patient and what issues 80% of adult patients present with. There are so many issues that patients suffer with that are dentally related but are totally missed because they don’t know to talk to their dentists about them.Patients with chronic pain and headaches… patients with numb finger tips… patients with lower back issues… there are 500 plus issues that can be related to the bite and in the average New Patient Exam the vast majority don’t even come up. This presentation will discuss the variety of Signs and Symptoms that are quite often related to dental issues and help to create the base of conversation to help these patients to discover how to get help.  Session objectives:

  • Illustration of many less obvious but quite serious dentally related symptoms
  • Commonly found signs of bite disease and how this may affect the health of the patient
  • Some simple screens that will help highlight patients whose lives can be greatly improved – and in some cases lives actually saved!!
12:45-13:45 (EST) Dr. Mark McOmie Materials and Methods for your practice
Trends in dentistry are moving away from traditional crown and bridge materials such as PFM and to all ceramic and zirconia restorations. What are the best materials for which application? What trends are going to affect our practices in the coming years? With all these new materials what are the best materials and where are there applications best suited.  Session objectives:

  • Attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the newest materials and be able to implement them effectively in their practices the next day
14:00-15:00 (EST) Dr. Louis Malcmacher The Top 8 Game Changers in Dentistry Today
The primary goal of this seminar is to teach dentists and team members how to take a common sense approach to their practices to integrate new techniques and concepts in teeth remineralization, Botox and dermal fillers, bone saving exodontia, medical emergency kits, short term orthodontics, sleep apnea, the most esthetic no preparation porcelain veneers, a new way to eliminate black triangles, new technology comparison, and much more!These practical concepts will enable you to offer new dental services immediately, reduce your stress, significantly increase your production, substantially lower your overhead, and have fun doing dentistry. This seminar is a fast paced, entertaining, and educational course and is recommended for dentists and team members. This course will get you and your team excited about dentistry!  Session objectives:

  • List the most important, new, innovative, and potentially useful concepts in dentistry
  • Critically compare new clinical technology and decide what is right for their own practice
  • Discuss and compare new concepts in dental exodontia
  • Identify whether a patient is a good candidate for facial injectable therapy
  • Describe a new technique for the elimination of “black triangles”
  • Describe current concepts in fixed prosthodontic restorations
  • Discuss practice management and financial implications on these topics
15:15-16:15 (EST) Dr. Franklin Shull Everyday Esthetics Direct and Indirect Applications
Focus on preparation design, provisionalization and the delivery sequence of new high strength ceramics. Direct composite protocol and bulk fill techniques will also be demonstrated to include matrix systems  Session objectives:

  • The latest material options for posterior ceramics
  • Advancements in direct composite and dentin/enamel bonding agents
  • How fiber reinforcement can solve many dental dilemmas
16:30-17:30 (EST) Dr. George Freedman Beauty of Bonding
Simplified 1-step 7th generation adhesives make invisible bonding a snap! Every direct restoration is placed with full confidence, in 30 seconds or less. Minimal preparation and re-mineralizing Giomer flowables, used together, have revolutionized the replacement of lost tooth structure, permitting earlier and more conservative intervention. 1-step resin cements are the easiest technique for creating the ideal interface between tooth structure, metal and ceramic crowns and bridges.Session objectives:

  • 1-step 7th generation bonding
  • 1-step restoration with “super” flowables
  • 1-step resin cementation


Monday, 11.26. Speaker Course
10:00-11:00 (EST) Dr. Fay Goldstep Predictable Proactive and Profitable Minimally Invasive Dentistry
New materials and techniques make it easy to practice Minimally Invasive Dentistry. This gentler patient-friendly dentistry is now predictable, proactive and profitable:
Predictable—Areas of early decay are detected and mapped, successfully treated and easily re- evaluated. The “patient friendly” direct restoration repair instead of indirect replacement is a predictable minimally invasive option (The “Perimeter Prep”).
Proactive – Easy effective bioactive sealants can be placed without the need for etching. Bioactive restorative materials enhance the healing of teeth and reduce restorative failure.
Profitable – Many minimally invasive techniques are easier, and faster than traditional dentistry. Patients prefer to be treated in an office that practices minimally invasive dentistry.
Create a predictable proactive profitable practice with patients for life.Session objectives:

  • Treat dental patients using the medical model of proactive intervention dentistry
  • Accurately detect and map early decay using scientific reproducible and clinically significant technology
  • Understand and incorporate new remineralization therapies and bioactive restorative materials into everyday dental practice
  • Create a predictable proactive profitable practice with patients for life


11:15 – 12:15
Dr. Gary Henkel Unsurpassed Handling, Uncompromising Results: Bone Grafting Simplified
Participants will be introduced to a bone replacement material with an excellent track record in the orthopedic world and now available to dentistry. Its unique clinical properties will be explored, and several clinical cases reviewed.Session objectives:After attending, the participant will have the information to use the material in his or her own office and will be able to simplify socket preservation and bone grafting procedures.
12:45-13:45 (EST) Dr. Ron Kaminer Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Maximize Success
New materials can make traditional restorative techniques easier and more efficient.  This fast paced program will cover a variety of day to day techniques in a step by step approach.

Ultimately the attendee will be able to apply these techniques in their practice,   with increased efficiency and productivity.
The program will cover the following:
  • The 10 minute bonded post and core- Creating a bonded tooth from apex to crown
  • Heavy flow flowable composites and their application in routine Dentistry
  • Esthetic temporaries for crown and bridge
  • Picking up implant components- new materials to simplify the technique
14:00-15:00 (EST) Dr. Mike Rethman Fluorides and non-Flouride Interventions for Caries Control – An Overview
Overview of non-fluoride anti-caries adjuncts will be overviewed in the context of fluoride anti-caries strategies.  Session objectives:

    • What non-F anti-caries adjuncts are supported by the published science
    • Problems associated with recommending the use of non-F adjuncts
    • Where non-F anti-caries adjuncts fit into the larger clinical context where F-based interventions are common
15:15-16:15 (EST) Dr. Mark Duncan Dentistry’s Dirty Little Secrets… What Is It That We Don’t Know.
In this presentation we will uncover some of the hidden connections between a healthy and pain free patient and what issues 80% of adult patients present with.  There are so many issues that patients suffer with that are dentally related but are totally missed because they don’t know to talk to their dentists about them.Patients with chronic pain and headaches… patients with numb finger tips… patients with lower back issues… there are 500 plus issues that can be related to the bite and in the average New Patient Exam the vast majority don’t even come up.  This presentation will discuss the variety of Signs and Symptoms that are quite often related to dental issues and help to create the base of conversation to help these patients to discover how to get help.  Session objectives:

  • Illustration of many less obvious but quite serious dentally related symptoms
  • Commonly found signs of bite disease and how this may affect the health of the patient
  • Some simple screens that will help highlight patients whose lives can be greatly improved – and in some cases lives actually saved!!
16:30-17:30 (EST) Dr. Robert Horowitz Optimizing implant therapy with advanced digital technologies and custom transitional components
This course will show the incorporation of the latest digital technologies to assist the dental surgeon and restorative team to improve dental implant treatment outcomes.Digital technology enables the fabrication of custom, patient-specific healing and temporary components, enhancing the esthetic outcome for each patient. Treatment costs for both the surgical and restorative teams are predictable as there is one fee associated with all components from the initial diagnosis through the final restorative phase of treatment.Session objectives:

  • Proper presurgical planning enhances the final restorative result
  • New technologies enhance patient acceptance of implant therapy
  • Customized healing components save time for all members of the implant team
  • Prefabricated custom transitional components give optimal soft tissue sculpting
Tuesday, 11.27 Speaker Course
10:00-11:00 (EST) Dr. Chris Glass Achieving Predictable Success with Endodontics
Utilize Coltene’s Hyflex Rotary Files (Controlled Memory NiTi) to Achieve Anatomically Correct Working Widths During Root Canal Therapy.  Session objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of canal morphology in order to help determine final apical sizes during root canal therapy
  • Appreciate the necessity of obtaining larger apical sizes when treating necrotic cases while also respecting natural canal anatomy
  • Use current research to gain a better understanding of how to eliminate intracanal bacteria
  • Understand why some endodontic cases fail despite seemingly ideal endodontic treatment
11:15-12:15 (EST) Dr. Ron Jackson Direct Posterior Composites:
A Rapid, Simplified Placement Technique
Posterior composite resin restorations have become mainstream. These restorations seal teeth, reinforce remaining tooth structure, allow conservative preparations and satisfy patient desires for natural appearance. However, dentists complain that Class II composite restorations are tedious and time consuming to place, can be somewhat complicated and aren’t always predictable.In this presentation, Dr. Jackson will show a greatly simplified and efficient procedure for placing Class II composite restorations using new technology. The predictable, standardized system of placement achieves a significant reduction in both time and effort when placing these restorations.Session objectives:

    • To review current matricing techniques that insure quality contacts
    • To achieve time savings without compromise, using bulk fill composite technology
12:45-13:45 (EST) Dr. David Evans Perfect your Online Presence
This course will focus on the various factors that influence Internet Presence and describe how dental practices can attain “High Internet Presence.”The key to success of any marketing program, including Internet marketing, is how the leads are managed once they are generated by the program. This course will provide information on how to effectively handle phone and email leads, and provide typical examples of poorly handled leads by elective health care practices across a variety of disciplines.  Session objectives:

    • Learn the basic elements of SEO and be able to evaluate these elements on the practice website
    • Learn the basic components of an effective practice website
    • Learn the three-step process for creating a positive online reputation
    • Understand how to evaluate Internet Marketing ROI
14:00-15:00 (EST) Dr. George Freedman New and Improved! Profitable clinical techniques for your practice
Dr. George Freedman presents an analytical summary of recently introduced dental products based on clinical experience.

  • Differentiate affordable cancer screening devices
  • Compare painless anesthetic techniques
  • Restore without damaging adjacent teeth and crowns
  • Compare electric and air driven handpieces
15:15-16:15 (EST) Dr. David Hoexter Predictable Implants – by Preserving Bone During Extractions with New Instruments 
Utilizing simplifying, new instruments leads to preserving bone during extractions making implants more predictable.
16:30-17:30 (EST) Dr. Selma Camargo Optimizing endodontic treatment with High Intensity Laser Therapy
Session objectives:

  • Identifying endodontic disease, treatment possibilities and limitations
  • How laser therapy is indicated for endodontics, based on scientific and clinical point of view
  • How to perform endodontic procedures with lasers
  • How can you implement this treatment into your practice
  • Success and failure in endodontic cases
Wednesday,11.28 Speaker Course
10:00-11:00 (EST) Dr. David Peck Implementing Dental Lasers in the General Practice: A Real-World Report
It’s a fact: lasers are here to stay in dentistry. They are tools that improve clinical results, open new treatment paradigms, significantly simplify many common headaches, and provide real, tangible return on the investment – if you implement them right.Learn from a real-world, wet-gloved general dentist who uses laser technology daily on every patient. Look at clinical AND financial results that demonstrate lasers can be a legitimate addition to every practice.
11:15-12:15 (EST) Dr. Ron Kaminer Dentistry 101: Demystifying New Concepts in Cariology
This program is designed for the Doctor and Hygienist team, taking traditional concepts in Cariology and making them current, modern and extremely relevant. Upon completion of this program, if you follow some of the concepts revealed, expect to see more productivity and a higher level of care in your practice. The take home pearls of this exciting course will include:  Session objectives:

  • Cariology – What they did not teach you in Dental school
  • Technology assisted caries diagnostics
  • Dental Radiography – Digital X-rays: their rationale: Phosphor plates vs sensors
  • The magic 3 letter word that will motivate your patients to accept treatment virtually every time
12:30-13:30 (EST) Dr. Selma Camargo Diode Laser Application in Soft Tissues
Learning objectives:

  • Understand the functionality, importance and applications of diode lasers in soft tissue  procedures
  • How to perform soft tissue procedures with a diode laser
  • How easy is it to operate the laser
  • How can you implement this treatment into your practice
  • Do you need a soft tissue laser?
  • Laser fundamentals
  • Effects of lasers on biological tissue

Release date: 25/11/2012
Expiration date: 25/11/2015

“The 5th Annual DTStudyClub Symposia at the GNYDM 2012” is co-sponsored by Tribune Group GmbH. Tribune Group GmbH is a recognized ADA CERP and AGD PACE provider.


Fay Goldstep DMD

Dr. Fay Goldstep has been a featured speaker in the ADA Seminar Series, and has lectured at the ADA, Yankee, AACD, AGD, and the Big Apple dental conferences.  She has lectured nationally and internationally on CONSERVE-ative Dentistry, Innovations in Hygiene, Dentist Health Issues, Magnification and Office Design.

Dr. Goldstep has served on the teaching faculties of the Post-graduate Programs in Esthetic Dentistry at SUNY Buffalo, Universities of Florida (Gainesville), Minnesota (Minneapolis) and UMKC (Kansas City).

Dr. Goldstep sits on the Editorial Board of Oral Health Magazine (Healing/Preventive Dentistry) and Dental Tribune US Edition.  She is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics and the Academy of Dentistry International.

Dr. Goldstep has been a contributing author to 3 textbooks and has published more than 20 articles.  She has been listed as one of the leaders in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today since 2002.  Dr. Goldstep is a consultant to a number of dental companies and maintains a private practice in Toronto, Canada.

Selma Camargo PhD

  • Dr. Camargo’s background includes:
    • PhG in Endodontics – University of São Paulo (USP) Brazil
    • Specialist and Masters – University of São Paulo (USP) Brazil
    • Professor of Endodontics and General Dentistry Clinic in Adults – University of Cidade de São Paulo (UNICID) Brazil
    • Coordinator of Laser in Dentistry unit – University of Cidade de São Paulo – Brazil
    • Research in Endodontics (Masters) – University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada
    • Research in Endodontics ( PhG) – University of Oslo – Norway

webinar-speaker 2550

Ron Kaminer DDS

Dr. Ron Kaminer is a 1990 graduate from SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine.  He maintains two practices, one in Hewlett, NY and one in Oceanside, NY.  Dr Kaminer is an international expert in the field of dental lasers and has lectured on lasers and minimally invasive dentistry both nationally and internationally.  He is the Director of the Masters of Laser training program in New York and is a clinical instructor with the International College of Laser Education.

He evaluates new dental materials for the Catapult Group and sits on the advisory boards and is a clinical consultant for numerous dental manufacturers.  He has authored numerous articles on dental lasers and minimally invasive dentistry and is an associate editor for Dental Product Shopper.  He is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, International College of Facial Esthetic, and American Dental Association. He lives in Hewlett, NY with his wife and three children.

Ron Jackson DDS

Dr. Ron Jackson is a 1972 graduate of West Virginia University School of Dentistry.  He has published many articles on esthetic, adhesive dentistry and has lectured extensively across North America and abroad.  Dr. Jackson has presented at all the major U.S. scientific conferences as well as to Esthetic Academies in Europe, Asia and South America.  He is an Accredited Fellow in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry, a Diplomate in the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry and is Director of the Mastering Dynamic Adhesion program at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies.

Dr. Jackson practices comprehensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Middleburg, Virginia.

Robert Horowitz DDS

Dr. Robert A. Horowitz graduated from Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery in 1982 having concentrated in periodontics and fixed prosthodontics.  After completion of a one-year general practice residency, Dr. Horowitz finished a 2 year specialty training program in periodontics at New York University and the Manhattan VA Hospital.  He began placing dental implants after taking implant surgery courses nationally and internationally in 1985.  In 1996, Dr. Horowitz completed a 2 year fellowship program in Implant Surgery at New York University concentrating in bone grafting procedures.  As a Clinical Assistant Professor in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at New York University, he teaches and conducts research in bone grafting. Dr. Horowitz also teaches in the Department of Oral Surgery and conducts research in the Departments of Biomaterials and Biomimetics and Oral Diagnosis.   Dr. Horowitz has lectured and published nationally and internationally.  He has also performed research in bone grafting, extraction socket augmentation and the placement of dental implants in areas of limited available bone.  Current research includes prospective, multi-center, international studies on a number of bone replacement materials, periodontal regenerative materials, minimally invasive surgical techniques, guided surgery and implant surfaces/designs.

Dr. Horowitz is currently conducting research on bone graft materials and growth factors for use in periodontology, extraction socket therapy and implant dentistry.  Some of the growth factors increase the speed and predictability of new bone attaching to the root surface in a periodontal lesion.  Other growth factors improve the ingrowth of vital bone in the area of a recent tooth extraction or in the part of the jaw where a significant amount of bone has been lost due to periodontal disease, trauma or prior extractions.
Dr. Horowitz is available to lectures to national and international groups on many topics related to Increasing Case Acceptance Through Digital Technology and Predictable Bone Regeneration.  Some of these topics include predictable methods to maintain bone after teeth are extracted and new periodontal regenerative processes to maintain and improve the bone levels around teeth with bone loss.  Dr. Horowitz can demonstrate the uses of dental implants to replace one or more teeth with fixed crown – type restorations or the use of implants as anchors to help improve the stability of removable bridges or dentures.

Michael Rethman DDS

Dr. Rethman is a board-certified periodontist with over five years of general practice experience.  He is also a dental research scientist and a former Director of the U.S. Army Institute of Dental Research, as well as a past-President of the American Academy of Periodontology.  Dr. Rethman also recently chaired the ADA’s Council on Scientific Affairs for an unprecedented three years and has recently chaired and/or served on numerous expert panels that systematically assessed the scientific literature to provide up-to-date information regarding a variety of important clinical topics.

Mark D. McOmie DMD

Dr. Mark D. McOmie practices full time in Chattanooga, TN with his wife Ellen, who is also a dentist. They have a private practice that is fee for service, focusing on cosmetic dentistry using the latest materials and techniques. He graduated in 1998 from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and has been in private practice ever since. He is a member of the Tennessee Valley Dental Study Group, The American Dental Association, The Tennessee Dental Association, and Chattanooga Area Dental Society. He lectures on dental materials and procedure and is an active researcher with Gordon Christensen’s CR Foundation.

Mark Duncan DDS

Dr. Duncan received his college and post-graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma culminating with a D.D.S. degree in 1995. Following Dental School, Dr. Duncan vigorously pursued continuing education twice being recognized as the leader in the State for Continuing Education. He completed the surgical and prosthetic sections with the Misch Implant Institute earning a Fellowship with the Institute as well as holding Diplomate status with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.  He has also earned the Fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry in the shortest time period allowed by the Academy.  He considers his real advance in education to have started with his journey through the Las Vegas Institute.

In 2002 he started a scratch practice in Oklahoma City and he now focuses on cosmetic and comprehensive restorative neuromuscular dentistry and airway management.  He is a graduate of the world-renowned Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), and was given the honor of being a clinical instructor for the institute in 2002. He teaches dentists from all over the world in the latest treatments for cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, and neuromuscular occlusion. He also belongs to many dental organizations and has served as the Editor for the Oklahoma Academy of General Dentistry and on the Board of the Oklahoma County Dental Society as CE Chair.

He is a Board Member of the IACA and lectures on aesthetics, occlusion, CAD-CAM technology, and practice management nationwide and serves as development consultant to several dental manufacturing companies and dental think-tanks.  Dr. Duncan sees dentistry as an incredible opportunity to improves the health and wellness of people and is excited to share his passion and perspective!

Louis Malcmacher DDS

Louis Malcmacher DDS, MAGD, maintains a general dental and facial esthetic practice in Cleveland, Ohio.   He is an internationally known lecturer, author, and dental consultant, known for his comprehensive and entertaining style.    Dr. Malcmacher is the President of the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, an evaluator emeritus for Clinicians Report, a master of the Academy of General Dentistry, a fellow of the International Association of Dental Facial Esthetics, a fellow of the World Clinical Laser Institute, a visiting lecturer at a number of Universities, a contributing editor for Dentistry Today, a spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry, has served as a consultant to the Council on Dental Practice of the American Dental Association, a monthly columnist and contributing editor for Dental Economics,  AGD Impact, Dental Tribune, and The Dentist’s Network Newsletter.

Dr. Malcmacher is a frequent contributor to the dental literature, having lectured on and published numerous articles about adhesive resin dentistry, crown and bridge procedures, removable prosthodontics, implant dentistry, dental technology, practice management, periodontics, esthetic dentistry, total facial esthetics, and halitosis therapy.  He has lectured at many major dental meetings and local dental societies throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.  Dr. Malcmacher publishes The Common Sense Dentistry Newsletter which is received by over seventy thousand dental professionals each month.  Dr. Malcmacher has been named a Leader in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today for the fourteenth straight year.  Dr. Malcmacher and his educational organizations has presented nearly 20,000 hours of continuing education throughout the world and has published thousands of articles in dental journals over the last 30 years.

Dr. Malcmacher has also been extensively featured in the general media.  His interviews have been seen on CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, 20/20, Wall Street Journal, New York Times,USA Today, Washington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Detroit Free Press, GQ, Edge, Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Jane, Shape, Marie Claire, and Men’s Health.  Dr. Malcmacher was also featured as a smile makeover dentist on the nationally televised The Tony Danza Show.
Dr. Malcmacher works closely with dental manufacturers as a consultant and clinical researcher in developing new products and techniques.  For over three decades, Dr. Malcmacher has inspired his audiences and consulting clients to truly enjoy doing dentistry by providing the knowledge necessary for excellent clinical and practice management.  His group dental practice has maintained a 45% overhead since 1988.

Howard S. Glazer DDS

Dr. Glazer is a Fellow and Past President of the Academy of General Dentistry, and former Assistant Clinical Professor in Dentistry at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Bronx, NY). He has been a visiting clinician at several universities around the country including: SUNY – Buffalo, Univ. of Minnesota, Univ. of California – San Francisco, Univ. of Texas – Houston, Univ. of Florida – Gainesville, and the Univ. of Missouri – Kansas City. Additionally, he is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists; International College of Dentists; American Society for Dental Aesthetics, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, and a Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Glazer is an Attending Dentist at the Englewood Hospital (Englewood, NJ). Additionally, Dr. Glazer is the Deputy Chief Forensic Dental Consultant to the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, City of New York.

For the past several years, Dr. Glazer has been named as one of the “Leading Clinicians in Continuing Education” by Dentistry Today, and most recently was named as one of the Top Dentists in New Jersey by New Jersey Monthly magazine. He lectures throughout the United States, Latin America, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, India, Korea, Japan, Israel and China, on the subjects of cosmetic dentistry, forensic dentistry and patient management. Dr. Glazer is a frequent author of dental articles and has been published throughout the world. Currently he publishes a monthly column in AGD IMPACT entitled “What’s Hot and What’s Getting Hotter!” He maintains a general practice in Fort Lee, NJ.

George Freedman DDS

Dr. George Freedman is a founder and past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a founder of the Canadian Academy for Esthetic Dentistry. His most recent textbook, “Contemporary Esthetic Dentistry” is published by Elsevier and he is Visiting Professor, Universita di Flirenze, Florence Italy.

He is a past director of CE programs in Esthetic Dentistry at the Universities of California at San Francisco, Florida, SUNY Buffalo, UMKC, Minnesota, Baylor College and Case Western Reserve, Tufts, Eastman Dental Center (Rochester and London), Catholic University in Seoul, South Korea and was the founding Associate Director of the Esthetic Dentistry Education Center at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
Dr. Freedman is the author or co-author of 12 textbooks, more than 700 dental articles, and numerous webinars, CDs, videos and audios and is a Team Member of REALITY.  He has been listed as one of the leaders in Continuing Education by Dentistry Today every year since 1997.  Dr Freedman is the Materials Editor for Dentistry Today, Editor in Chief for Dental Tribune, and is on the Editorial Board of Oral Health and Dental Asia.
A Diplomate of the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, he lectures internationally on dental esthetics, adhesion, desensitization, composites, impression materials and porcelain veneers and has been a featured / keynote speaker at many major national and international dental conferences.  Dr. Freedman maintains a private practice limited to Esthetic Dentistry in Toronto, Canada.

Gary Henkel DDS

Gary Henkel, DDS, operates the Pine Run Dental and Implant Center in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The practice emphasizes dental implant and full mouth rehabilitation, microscope enhanced dentistry, and is equipped with cone beam tomography and digital radiography. Dr. Henkel lectures and consults nationally and internationally on dental implants, 3D imaging, endodontics, and bone and extraction socket preservation. He is a master in the Academy of General Dentistry, and has taught at University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He consults for Vista Dental Corp. on endodontic products, Cadent Corp. on the Itero digital impression system, and teaches and consults with Osstem Corp., new to the US in the dental implant field. Dr. Henkel is also involved with cone beam beta testing for Imaging Sciences Corporation and Gendex, and lectures for them nationally. He has been asked to lecture for the Perio Institute and Alvelogro on bone preservation.

Employment History

  • 6/79-6/81 – Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • 1981-1982 – Schupack Dental Associates Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 1981-1982 – Associate-Irvin Friedman D.D.S.
  • 1982-Present – Gary L. Henkel D.D.S.
  • 1990-Present – Pine Run Dental and Implant Center


  • 1974-1975 – Graduate Teaching Assistant, General Biology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan
  • 1974-1975 – Assistant Instructor-Histology, University of Detroit Dental School, Detroit, Michigan
  • 1979-1985 – Assistant Clinical Instructor, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, School of Dental Hygiene, Philadelphia, Pa.
  • 1980-1981 – Instructor, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Emergency Department, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia
  • Assistant Clinical Instructor, Course to “Train and Motivate Dental Personnel to Provide Care To the Severely Handicapped for Enhanced Employability”, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • 1980-1981 – Moss Rehabilitation Center, Franklin Research Institute, Philadelphia
  • 1981-1990 – Clinical Instructor, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  • 1982-present – Clinical Instructor, University of Pennsylvania Dental School
  • 1982-1986 – Clinical Instructor, Elwyn Institute, Clinic for the Care of the Challenged Patient, University of Philadelphia
  • 1982-1988 – Clinical Instructor, Albert Einstein Hospital, Committee on Dentistry for The Handicapped, Philadelphia

Professional Awards, Recognition

  • 1979 – Winner, Student Table Clinic Competition, University of Detroit, ADA Annual Meeting, Anaheim, Ca.
  • 1985 – Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry
  • 1986 – Master, Academy of General Dentistry
  • Board Eligible, Certifying Board of General Dentistry
  • 2008 – Editorial Board Implant Tribune
  • 2008 – Vista Dental Advisory Panel
  • 2005-2008 – Cadent/iTero advisor/consultant
  • 2008 – Imaging Sciences beta tester/consultant
  • 2008- Reality Endodontic Advisory Board Member
  • 2007-present – Faculty Member Osstem/Hiossen Dental Implant Corp
  • Moderator – Roots Summit Miami Masters Dental Conference May 29-31 2008 Miami Beach, Florida
  • 2008-present – Instructor, Perio Institute, multiple presentations on bone grafting and augmentation nationally and internationally


  • Contributor to Kruger’s Textbook of Oral Surgery, Chapter on Oral Electrical Burns
  • A Comparison of Fixed Prostheses Generated From Conventional vs Digitally Scanned Dental Impressions Compendium • August 2007;28(8):354-358

Franklin Shull DMD

  • Graduated Medical University of South Carolina School of Dentistry, 1993
  • Completed General Practice Residency at Palmetto Richland Hospital, Columbia, S.C., 1994
  • Private practice in Lexington, S.C., 1994–present
  • Teaching faculty, Palmetto Richland Hospital General Practice Residency
  • Teaching faculty, Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry
  • Teaching faculty, L.D. Pankey Institute, The Aesthetics Continuum in Key Biscaine, Florida
  • Member and fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry
  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Member American Academy Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Member Southeastern Prosthodontic Society
  • Past president of the Greater Columbia Dental Association
  • Past president of the South Carolina Academy of General Dentistry
  • Lectures nationally on esthetic dentistry, dental materials and dental photography

David L. Hoexter DMD

Dr. David Hoexter is a Clinical Professor at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the Periodontal / Implant Department.  Dr. Hoexter is director of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics, an organization that combines physicians and dentists with other related fields in research and relates it findings to clinical practice.  He was Clinical Professor in Periodontics at the University of Pittsburgh, Pa.

He received his degree from Tufts University where he was an adjunct Professor in Periodontics.  He is a Diplomate of Implantology in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and a Diplomate American Society of Osseointegration.  He is a Diplomate of Dental Esthetics from the American Board of Aesthetic Dentistry, and was awarded the Outstanding Dentist of the Year by the New York MDS.  He is Editor in Chief, Dental Tribune, USA.

Dr. Hoexter lectures internationally and nationally and has published over 100 articles and contributing chapters in books.  He has been awarded 12 fellowships and maintains a practice in New York City limited to periodontics, implantology and cosmetic periodontal surgery.

David Peck D.M.D.

David I. Peck, D.M.D. graduated with honors from Northeastern University in Boston, MA with a B.S. degree in Pharmacy in 1979. Then he continued on to graduate in 1983 from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He completed his general practice residency at Danbury Hospital in Danbury, Connecticut and regularly upgrades his expertise as a dentist by taking advanced dental courses at the distinguished Las Vegas Institute. He also completed a course with “Dentist to the Stars” Larry Rosenthal in Palm Beach, Florida.
Dr. Peck was certified at the University of California at San Francisco, in laser treatment for cosmetic soft tissue re-contouring and periodontal therapy. Cosmetic dentist, Dr. Peck, specializes in a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures, including dental implants, crowns, dental veneers, bridgework, teeth whitening, and composite bonding. Dr. Peck and his team are devoted to providing only the best quality of care and excellent customer service to his guests.

Dr. Peck is a member of the American Dental Association, the Massachusetts Dental Society, the Valley District Dental Society, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, and the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

David Evans PhD

Dr. Evans has been involved in Internet practice marketing since 1995. He has expertise in how consumers search for health care information online, the optimum design and construction of practice websites, website search engine optimization (SEO) and the strategic development for Internet marketing. He is often asked to lecture about Internet marketing, both domestically and internationally, particularly on new developments and trends in this rapidly changing environment.

Dr. Evans is CEO of Ceatus Media Group, which owns and manages the most successful and highly visible online directories for Dentists and LASIK, Plastic and Bariatric surgeons. He has been instrumental in developing Internet strategies for numerous dental practices worldwide. He and his team also oversee the SEO for more than 100 dentist and surgeon websites. Dr Evans received a BS from the United States Air Force Academy, a MS and MBA from Wright State University and Ph.D. from Indiana University.

Chris Glass DMD

Dr. Glass graduated from the University of Alabama School of Dentistry in 1995 and earned a certificate in Endodontics from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1997.  He has maintained a private practice limited to Endodontics in Alpharetta, Georgia since 1997.

Dr. Glass is a member of numerous dental associations, including the American Association of Endodontists and the Hinman Dental Society.  He is Board Certified in Endodontics and serves as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve.

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