World novelty: edelweiss Post & Core system

Although wide variety of post-core restoration technologies and materials have been introduced into the dental market, there is no consensus on the most appropriate treatment choice for post core systems.

Prefabricated posts have good biomechanical and physical properties; however they cannot be customized for the optimal adaptation to the prepared post space. On the other hand; using composite resins for core material may have a higher failure rate because of the weak bonding between the prefabricated post and composite core. To overcome all these issues when restoring a badly broken down endodontically treated tooth, Edelweiss Dentistry presents a unique single piece high strength customizable Composite Post & Core.Edelweiss Dentistry believes in making dentists chairside treatment simple, easy and predictable. The Edelweiss Post & Core system is a simple and a quick solution for all your post-endodontic needs. It is a novel one piece composite post & core which can be customized as per the needs of the tooth with a true monoblock effect. It is an Ideal choice for rebuilding and strengthening broken down teeth.