Latest advances in soft tissue perio surgery.

Soft tissue grafting represents nowadays one of the most attractive topics in the field of surgery.

It may help the Clinician to manage recessions, to promote regeneration or correction of previous active perio disease or it can help to deliver an evidence based implant treatment. The Lecture will cover the following aspects:
  • Biological and Anatomical Aspects of soft tissue grafts,
  • Grafting options related to local anatomical aspects,
  • Surgical problems related to the grafting site,
  • Host/donor site preparation,
  • Biology and physiology of Wound Healing in Soft Tissue Grafting,
  • FGG: indications and contraindications,
  • CTG: indications and contraindications,
  • Soft Tissue Grafting around teeth,
  • Soft Tissue Grafting around Implants,
  • How to diagnose it,
  • How to plan the graft,
  • Which area is best for the graft requests,
  • Which outcomes should be expected.