Hard tissue management in implant dentistry: Respecting the biology of bone

Successful placement of dental implants revolves around the availability of adequate bone at the time of implantation, and resorption of the alveolar ridge adversely affects treatment success rates.

Guided Bone Regeneration has been used to successfully augment implant sites, and the use of autogenous bone was previously considered the gold standard. However, donor site morbidity and other complications have led to exploration of alternative techniques. Autologous platelet preparations are increasingly being used as graft materials, with or without other bone scaffolds, mainly because they contain the molecular proteins known as Growth Factors, which seem capable of positively influencing hard and soft tissue regeneration. Professor Almasri will present the conventional and contemporary ways of managing loss of hard tissues and will discuss the surgical steps and measures that can avoid loss of alveolar bone during healing process and implant osteotomy.