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Teledentistry – Practical solutions

Dr. Sophie Dartevelle , Dr. Iris Espinoza Santander , Dr. Andrea Maturana RamĂ­rez

With the advent of advanced technologies and communication tools, the provision and promotion of health care is being changed dramatically. The digital transformation affects medical practices and affects or will affect dentists and their patients for years to come. Recent experiences of hospitals and medical practices have shown that dentists can expect to encounter revolutionary changes as a result of the digital transformation. The Internet, the World Wide Web, the contribution of artificial intelligence, and other technologies driving the information revolution are redefining patient education, patient care, referral relationships, practice management, quality, and interprofessional collaborations.

General dentistry webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
Changes to Dental Practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Prof. Paulo Melo , Dr. Edoardo Cavallé , Dr. Kaveh Seyedan DDS, MSc, FICD, FADI, DICOI , Prof. Liu Yi DDS, Ph.D , Dr. Jina Lee Linton DDS, PhD

After its emergence in December 2019, COVID-19 has grown to pandemic proportions with over 7.4 million cases in over 200 countries confirmed as of mid-June 2020. The outbreak is causing significant disruption to dental practice worldwide. Speakers from 3 continents will present how the practice of dentistry in their countries evolved throughout the COVID-19 pandemic from both the practitioners and the patients points of view.

General dentistry, Oral health, Patient management, Practice management, Public health dentistry webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
The importance of Hygiene Protocols in clinical practice in the Post Pandemic Era.

Prof. Lorenzo Breschi DDS, PhD

The dental webinar will focus on the hygiene protocols in the post pandemic era for dental practitioners to get a better understanding on guiding their patients on oral hygiene.

Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)