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Implant Placement and Loading Protocols in Partially Edentulous Patients: Findings from the 6th ITI Consensus Conference

Dr. Adam Hamilton

Wed, 11 August
6:00 AM EST (New York)

Implant placement protocols have been extensively research and reviewed in an effort to determine the most efficient and predictable pathway for implant therapy following tooth extraction. The timing of implant placement is directly linked to physiological process of wound healing and ridge alterations following tooth extraction. Similarly implant loading protocols have been evaluated to determine when is the safest time to restore an implant and provide occlusal loading. Similar physiological processes also dictate the osseointegration process and concepts related to primary and secondary implant stability. However, it is imperative to understand the relationship between implant placement and loading protocols.

Dental implantology, Diagnostics, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Prosthodontics webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
Meet the Challenges of Covid-19 and Grow Your Practice with the Help of Digitization

Dr. Eirik Salvesen DDS

This webinar will address the challenges of growing your dental practice following the pandemic, with specific focus on how we can use digitization to support this growth.

Practice management webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
SAC v2.0: What can you expect from the new SAC Classification?

Dr. Anthony Dawson

The SAC Classification system has been a pillar of the ITI’s education philosophy since the publication of “The SAC Classification in Implant Dentistry” in 2009. Since then, however, ongoing evolution of treatment concepts, techniques and materials have made significant chages in the way we approach implant dentistry. These developments have led to a review of the SAC Classification scheme. This has been primarily focused on the online SAC Classification Tool and has also resulted in significant revision of the SAC book. This webinar will discuss the development of the new SAC Classification Tool and Book, and what you can expect to see when these are released later this year.

Dental implantology, Diagnostics, Prosthodontics webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
Static Computer-Aided Implant Surgery (s-CAIS)

Dr. Alejandro Lanis

The incorporation of virtual engineering into our profession and the digitalization of information are allowing us new perspectives and innovative alternatives for dental treatments. The use of static computer-guided implant planning software allows the radiographic, prosthetic, surgical and laboratory fields to be combined under a common virtual scenario, permitting an optimization of the complete implant surgical-restorative process. In the following lecture, the data acquisition process, digital planning and clinical execution of this procedure will be thoroughly described.

Dental implantology, Prosthodontics webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
Peri-implant Soft Tissue Management and Integration

Dr. Mario Roccuzzo

One of the greatest challenges facing clinicians is to obtain an early and long-standing effective mucosa seal, capable of biologically protecting the peri-implant structures. This is particularly difficult in compromised sites, due to trauma, atrophy, and/or periodontal disease. Recent systematic reviews have confirmed that, the presence of an appropriate amount of keratinized mucosa is desirable.

Dental implantology webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)