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Dentistry’s Deafening Silence

Dr. Sam Shamardi DMD

Noise-induced hearing loss is a significant occupational work hazard in dentistry. This course will discuss the facts, statistics and research as well as possible preventative solutions.

Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
The power of saliva: quantity and quality™

Ellen Myers RDH

The importance of saliva in our everyday activities and the medicinal properties it possesses are often taken for granted. It’s essential for clinicians to have a good knowledge base concerning the norm of salivary flow and function.

Dental Hygiene, General Dentistry, Oral and Overall Health webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)
Sex, Drugs & Oral Cancer™

Mr. Robert Whitman MSE

Due to a recent rise in HPV, oral cancer rates have continued to rise and are now affecting patients that we never thought were at risk. This webinar will provide oral cancer education and proper protocols for early discovery to save lives.

Dental Hygiene, Dental Technology, General Dentistry, Oral and Overall Health, Patient Management, Periodontics, Public Health, Special Care webinar
Free webinar 1 CE credit(s)