William Lee

William Lee is a seasoned success coach with more than twenty years of experience in the Asia Pacific region. He is viewed by his clients as one the most pro-active and open minded consultants in the region. William has extensive experience in consulting, facilitating group sessions and coaching multi-national and local clients throughout Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. He used to write a monthly column for the China Daily News Paper in Taiwan, and was a regular speaker for the Beijing broadcasting radio talk shows on topics pertaining to leadership, management, and team communication. He was one of the speakers in the World Cultural Conference in (add place and year), to speak about the balance of moral and business development. William has applied his knowledge and experience in leadership and communication skills training in Dentistry through the Dental Leadership Experience program sharing this expertise with the Deans and faculty members of dental schools in Asia.

Webinars by William Lee

Evolution towards a Winning Dental Team

William Lee

The key to achieving a successful dental practice depends on managing a team of individual that are motivated in achieving a common goal of enhanced patient care. We all know the importance of having a strong teams however often fail to identify the key elements needed to construct and maintain a dental team.

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