Renato Leonardo D.M.D.

  • Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English
  • Specialist in Endodontics, Regional Board of Endodontics (São Paulo, Brazil).
  • Ex-Head and Chairman, Department of Restorative Dentistry, Araraquara Dental School – UNESP.
  • Ex-Head and Chairman MS and PhD Programs in Endodontics Araraquara Dental School – UNESP.
  • Master in Endodontics, University of São Paulo.
  • PhD in Pathology, University of São Paulo.
  • Visiting Professor, University of Texas – San Antonio, USA.
  • Invited Professor, U.I.C.- Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain.
  • Vice-President of the Brazilian Society of Endodontics.
  • Member of the A.A.E. (American Association of Endodontics)
  • The Chief Editor (Endodontist) for “Indian Dentists Research & Review.”
  • The Honorary Editor for “World Journal of Dentistry”.

Some further accomplishments include:

  • 48 Chapters in Endodontic Books
  • 68 Published Articles
  • 421 courses lectured in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Mexico, United States ,Canada, Portugal, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Iceland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Indonesia, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Finland, Serbia, Philippines, Georgia, Moldavia, Lithuania, Estonia ,Latvia, Ukraine, India, Romania, Macedonia, Vietnam, United Emirates, Egypt, China, United Kingdom, Russia,Japan, Denmark and Turkey.
  • Professor of Endodontics Specialization Courses and Continuing Education (CE) in USA, Canada, Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

He has authored the following books:

  • Leonardo MR, Leonardo RT. Sistemas rotatórios em endodontia. Instrumentos de níquel-titânio. São Paulo: Artes Médicas; 2002. 323 p. (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Leonardo MR, Esberard RM, Bonetti Filho I, Leonardo RT, Tanomaru Filho M. Tratamento de canais radiculares: atualidades técnicas. São Paulo: Editorial Premier; 1996. 169 p. (Portuguese)
  • Leonardo MR, Leonardo RT. Endodontics: Technological resources and biological concepts. São Paulo: Artes Médicas; 2011. 650 p. (English, Spanish and Portuguese)

His most important articles include:

  • Leonardo MR, Utrilla LS, Rothier A, Leonardo RT, Consolaro A. A comparison of subcutaneous connective tissue responses among three different formulations of gutta-percha used in thermic techniques. Int Endod J. 1990; 23: 211-7.
  • Leonardo MR, Silva LAB, Leonardo RT, Utrilla LS, Assed S. Histological evaluation of therapy using a calcium hydroxide dressing for teeth with incompletely formed apices and periapical lesions. J Endod. 1993; 19: 348-52.
  • Leonardo MR, Silva LAB, Utrilla LS, Leonardo RT, Consolaro A. Effect of intracanal dressings on repair and apical bridging of teeth with incomplete root formation. Endod Dent Traumatol. 1993; 9: 25-30.
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  • Bonetti Filho I, Esberard RM, Leonardo RT. Microscopic evaluation of three endodontic files pre and post-instrumentation. J Endod. 1998; 24: 461-4.
  • Leonardo RT, Consolaro A, Carlos IZ, Leonardo MR. Evaluation of cell culture cytotoxicity of five root canal sealers. J Endod. 2000; 26: 328-30.
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  • Saito D, Leonardo RT, Rodríguez JL, Tsai SM, Höfling JF, Gonçalves RB. Identification of bacteria in endodontic infections by sequence analysis of 16S rDNA clone libraries. J Med Microb. 2006; 55: 101-7.
  • Soares JA, Carvalho FB, Pappen FG, Araújo GS, Lima RKP, Rodrigues VM., Leonardo RT. Conservative treatment of patients with periapical lesions associated with extraoral sinus tracts. Aust Endod J. 2007; 33: 131-5.
  • Leonardo MR, Silza Herzog FD, Silva FGP, Leonardo RT, Silva LAB. A comparison study of periapical repair in dogs’ teeth using Roekoseal and AH Plus root canal sealers; a histopathological evaluation. J Endod. 2008; 34: 822-5.
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  • Câmara AS, Martins RC, Viana AC, Leonardo RT, Buono VT, Bahia MGA. Flexibilily and torsional strength of protaper and protaper universal rotary instruments assessed by mechanical tests. J Endod. 2009; 35: 113-6.
  • Faria-Junior NB, Tanomaru-Filho M, Guerreiro-Tanomaru JM, Leonardo RT, Berbert FLCV. Evaluation of ultrasonic and ErCr:YSGG laser retrograde cavity preparation. J Endod. 2009; 35: 741-4
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  • Palo RM, Leonardo RT, Iglecias EF. La anatomía radicular y sus implicancias en la instrumentación endodóntica: comprendiendo la Zona V. Canal Abierto. April 2011: 8-11.
  • Leonardo MR, Fischer D, Tuttle R, Baghoomian I, Leonardo RT, Endodontic perspective: based on clinical,radiografic,histopathological,and statistical evidence. Endodontic practice US 2011 volume 4 number 3; 20-23.

Webinars by Renato Leonardo D.M.D.

Technological Resources and Biological Concepts In Minimally Invasive Endodontics

Renato Leonardo D.M.D.

This course is ideal for the progressive general practitioner with a minimally invasive practice. Along with hands-on training, clear demonstrations and an educational presentation, lecture participants can expect information about vital and non-vital pulp therapy, the Anatomic Endodontic Technology (A.E.T.) System and the Apical Delivered Obturation (A.D.O.) System. The lecture will illustrate hand, rotary and oscillatory instrumentation of the root canal system as well as root canal filling materials and techniques. It will also discuss success criteria in endodontics and endodontic microbiota.

Endodontics webinar
95.00 1 CE credit(s)