Dr. Barenghi Livia

Livia Barenghi is enthusiastic about patient safety, taking every opportunity to improve her own knowledge and dental teams on infection prevention in dentistry. She has over 20 years of experience working in dental offices, on the forefront as a dental assistant and in the management battlefield. She is a speaker, trainer, author and consultant, working with dental teams for over 10 years on infection prevention and safety according to USA C.D.C. Recommendations, Italian and EU regulatory framework. Seminars are based on current scientific information applied to efficacy, efficiency, and error awareness. She is a blogger on infection prevention (www. blog.dentaltrey.it/). She is a graduate of Biological Sciences and a Specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Chemistry. Other interests include stem cell research.
For details, see ORCID ID 0000000174935798.

Recent Papers
1. Implementation of Recent Infection Prevention Procedures Published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Difficulties and Problems in Orthodontic Offices. Barenghi L, Barenghi A, Di Blasio A et al. Iran J Ortho. 2017, 13(1):e10201. http://orthodontics.pub/en/articles/10201.html
2. Orthodontic instruments and supplies: Are they semicritical or critical items? Barenghi L, Di Blasio A. Am J of Inf Cont 2017,45, 210-3. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0196655316309282
3. Pitfalls of cleaning controls in ultrasonic washers. Di Blasio A , Barenghi L. Am J of Inf Contr 2015, 43, 1372-81. http://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6553(15)00937-2/pdf
4. Stem Cells toward the Future: The Space Challenge. Bradamante S, Barenghi L, and Maier JAM. Life 2014, 4( 2), 267-280. http://www.mdpi.com/2075-1729/4/2/267/htm

Webinars by Dr. Barenghi Livia

The daily fight to limit cross-infection in a dental office

Dr. Barenghi Livia

The daily fight to limit cross-infection in a dental office is neverending and can sometimes be very tiring. However, the battle against an outbreak is even worse. When it occurs, a dental team’s reputation collapses, mass media can fuel bad publicity,…

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