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Endo Implant Algorithm
Chaniotis Antonis graduated from the University of Athens Dental School (Greece) in 1998. In 2003 he completed the three-year postgraduate program in Endod... 
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Blog: Implants

The end of the three unit fixed bridge: An anticlimax in three parts

Tuesday, 10.20.2009
Routine implant insertion - what is important to note is that it is always a consideration to make the mid-crestal incision slightly more to the lingual to allow for...

Grafting an extraction site

Sunday, 10.11.2009
Tooth #4.7 was extracted and grafted with PEPGEN 15 PUTTY, covered by a PTFE membrane. The membrane was removed after 4 weeks and the patient was seen for implant pl...

You say fairy dust, I say irradiated mineralized allograft

Friday, 10.09.2009
The debate as to whether to graft an extraction site or to let nature effect closure the case where the cortical plate remains relatively intact, the ...
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